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Educational and Behavioral Consulting in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities





Dr. Susan Gurry is a family-friendly educational, behavioral and play-based consultant in autism and related developmental disorders in the New England/Boston area. She is a certified special educator, an administrator in special education, is ABA certified as a BCBA-D, and is currently pursuing play-based (DIR/Floortime) certification. She provides behavioral and educational planning, play-based, naturalistic interventions, and inclusion planning. She provides services to families and school districts, both in schools and at home with families.

Insurance Information:

Dr. Gurry is an individual provider of services and can apply to be an insurance-based provider based on a family’s insurance. Currently, (2011), BC/BS does not recognize a BCBA-D as an authorized provider. Families with BC/BS can submit for reimbursement. See this link for information:



           A resume of her work is attached


DISCLAIMER: The Behavior Analyst Certification board which authorizes the BCBA-D certificate does not support the use of DIR/Floortime as an evidence-based practice. When Dr. Gurry provides DIR/Floortime coaching to families, she is doing this as a candidate for a DIR/Floortime Certificate and not as a BCBA-D.


You can contact Dr. Susan Gurry at the following email address or submitting the form on the contact us page.





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Susan Gurry has been an incredible help to our family. She is smart, informative and very supportive. Susan has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share about children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She sees children as individuals with unique needs, and is able to identify how those needs can be met.

Susan has helped my family feel empowered and confident when advocating for our son. Her caring nature, and her expertise, makes Susan a true asset to any family living with ASD.

-Laura Mahoney, Mother of a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder.